what is an LMC?

What is WMLMCLG ?

The WMLMCLG started its life 42 years ago in 1975 as a ‘Regional LMC’ and was part funded by GPDF, Regional Health Authority and the constituent LMCs. It acted as an advisory committee to the Regional Health Authority who found it a useful partner in gauging that its responses to issues and its deployment from the centre was appropriate and proportionate. This ‘partnership’ worked well with benefits for both sides.

Over the course of time, GPDF withdrew its funding for unknown reasons, the Health Authorities also withdrew their funding as it dawned on them that it was part of the trade union axis and no longer an advisory committee to it. Committee changed it names (a) few times, its previous name until few years ago was GPCWM (GPC West Midlands)
Members decided to change its name to WMLMCLG (West Midlands LMCs Liaison Group) to reflect its current functions .Now the Committee is solely funded by the its member LMCs .WMLMCLG historically had 12 LMCs as members until 2017 when Worcester / Herefordshire LMC left the group and Birmingham LMC left in 2018.We hope that they will  be re joining the group in very near future .

What do we do?

• To provide LMC resource across West Midlands
• to co-ordinate representation of the Liaison Group when required on joint matters with various stakeholders.
• To formulate a network of LMC to support LMC in their work when required.
• To arrange bi-annual nuts &Bolts meetings.
• Host GPC/BMA regional events
• Arrange extra ordinary meetings when required for Urgent matters effecting the regional LMCs constituents

What is its Membership?

The Chairman and the Secretaries (or their Deputies) of the WMLMLG and Managers and Lay Secretaries of individual LMCs as follows:
• Coventry LMC
• Dudley LMC
• North Staffordshire LMC
• Sandwell LMC
• Shropshire LMC
• Solihull LMC
• South Staffordshire LMC
• Walsall LMC
• Warwickshire LMC
• Wolverhampton LMC

Co-opted members

• 3 GPC Regional representatives from WMLMCLG membership
• 1 GPC member  from the WMLMCLG membership .

WMLMCLG Officers

i) Chair
ii) Vice Chair
iii) Secretary
iv) Treasurer

All Office holders are elected for a yearly term at the AGM by and from the Members.

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